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Amanda Shires Shares ‘You Don’t Get To Go’ Single


Singer-songwriting multi-instrumentalist Amanda Shires today released the new single “You Don’t Get To Go” on digital streaming services. Shires was inspired to write “You Don’t Get To Go” after reading author George Saunders’ “Tenth Of December” short story.

George Saunders and Amanda Shires discussed their respective writing processes, “You Don’t Get To Go” and more on a recent episode of American Songwriter’s SongWriter Podcast. Amanda revealed she had been working on the song since February and booked studio time in an attempt for force herself to finish it. “I tried a couple of different directions, sketch-wise,” Shires said. “I think I just needed to think about it, and get even more nervous. I just had to struggle.”

Lawrence Rothman co-produced the new single with Shires. Amanda sang and played ukulele and fiddle on “You Don’t Get To Go.” She used “scary fiddle notes” to “capture wind noise and emotional noise.”

Stream Amanda Shires’ “You Don’t Get To Go” below:

Source: JamBase.com