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Snarky Puppy Reschedules Live Album Recording, Texas Shows


Snarky Puppy made the unfortunate announcement on Friday that the band will reschedule upcoming shows in Texas, including live album recording sessions. The jazz-fusion ensemble also revealed new dates in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin.

“As you are no doubt aware, COVID-19 cases have been on an exponential rise in the US, particularly in the state of Texas,” the band wrote in a social media post. “The information we have seen states that ICU bed availability has once again become an issue in the DFW area. We feel it would be irresponsible and against the core of what we stand for to risk even one more ICU bed be filled as a byproduct of our actions.”

The new live recording dates in Dallas—originally scheduled for October 2021—will now take place March 4th—10th, 2022. The group will perform two shows per night, recording the entire run for a future live album. Snarky Puppy’s Texas tour dates—originally slated for September 2021—will now take place on 2/16 (San Antonio), 2/18 (Houston), 2/19 (Austin), and 2/20 (Dallas).

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The ensemble also addressed the barriers standing in the way of any international travel associated with the performance or attendance of future concerts.

“Additionally, based on current US travel restrictions, we face a challenge in organizing international travel for our crew, bandmates and fans,” Snarky Puppy continued. “It is of utmost importance to us that all members and friends of our organization who have opted to travel far and wide to see us be given every opportunity to do so safely and without risk of facing challenges in their arrivals or departures.”

Together, all of these factors are too insurmountable for the group to conquer and produce content to its satisfaction.

“If either of these challenges existed on their own, we would be working our hardest to find solutions and workarounds to make this recording work,” the statement continued. “But the fact remains that these individual difficulties compound to create a situation that we cannot solve effectively, much less elegantly. This record, in particular, is far too important to us. As a celebration of our roots, it simply deserves more.”

Tickets to the new Snarky Puppy throughout Texas—including the live album recording shows—are available through the group’s website. Scroll down to see the full statement from the band.


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