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Peter Rowan Announces New Album ‘Calling You From My Mountain’ & Shares Single


Legendary bluegrass musician Peter Rowan will release a new studio album entitled Calling You From My Mountain on June 24 via Rebel Records. Rowan previewed the 13-track LP by sharing its lead single, “The Song That Made Hank Williams Dance” featuring Shawn Camp.

Work on Calling You From My Mountain started before the pandemic as a tribute to Rowan’s favorite Hank Williams album. “When I left Nashville in 1990 the only country music album I had, besides one Ernest Tubb record, was Hank Williams Sings Luke the Drifter,” revealed Peter. “So, I listened to that all the time on my little turntable, and I just loved that Hank had an alternate ego who was himself but the sentimental-songs-with-a-message side.”

Peter Rowan composed a full LP of tunes in homage to Luke The Drifter but changed course once the pandemic began. Rowan found himself at home in California viewing its coastal landscape and canyons. He worked through old songs out of which new ideas sprouted. Calling You From My Mountain was birthed featuring a mix of new tunes and traditional songs as well as “Dream Of Heaven,” which Rowan penned for the Luke The Drifter tribute.

The forthcoming LP includes guest appearances from Camp, Billy Strings, Molly Tuttle, Lindsay Lou and Mark Howard. Additionally, Rowan is backed by members of his touring band such as fiddler Julian Pinelli, bassist Eric Thorin, mandolinist Chris Henry and banjoist Max Wareham. “I’ve got a young band, it’s fabulous,” Peter added. “They’re bursting with ideas. They’re in their years of inspiration. They’re really quick learners and their ears are wide open because this generation is built on everything we did, dare I say, all those years ago.”

“The Song That Made Hank Williams Dance” is a fitting choice to represent Calling You From My Mountain. “This chorus appeared to me in a dream one glorious April at my tin-roofed Texas casita,” explained Rowan. “Singer, songwriter, guitar picker Shawn Camp hails from Alabama as did Hank Williams. Shawn, he’s a natural for this song. And a big inspiration! We had some fun!”

Stream “The Song That Made Hank Williams Dance” below:

Calling You From My Mountain Tracklist

  1. New York Town
  2. Veil Of Deja Blue
  3. Come Along Jody
  4. Little Joe
  5. The Song That Made Hank Williams Dance (feat. Shawn Camp)
  6. A Winning Hand
  7. From My Mountain (Calling You) (feat. Molly Tuttle & Lindsay Lou)
  8. Frog On The Lilly Pad
  9. The Red, The White and The Blue (feat. Molly Tuttle)
  10. Light At The End Of The World
  11. Penitentiary Blues (Big Brazos)
  12. Dream Of Heaven
  13. Freedom Trilogy

Source: JamBase.com