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Fantastic Negrito Shares ‘They Go Low’ Single


Fantastic Negrito released a new single, “They Go Low.” The song will appear on the project of Xavier Dphrepaulezz’s upcoming album, White Jesus Black Problems, due out on June 3 via Storefront Records.

Announced in February, White Jesus Black Problems “is based on the true story of Negrito’s seventh-generation white Scottish grandmother (Grandma Gallimore), an indentured servant, living in a common-law marriage with his seventh-generation African American enslaved grandfather (Grandfather Courage); in open defiance of the racist, separatist laws of 1750s colonial Virginia,” a press release stated.

Fantastic Negrito shared the previous White Jesus Black Problems singles, “Highest Bidder,” “Oh Betty” and “Trudoo.” A criticism of the 1%, “They Go Low” utilizes “African American sonic templates to happily and dancily condemn something unforgivable,” the press release noted. As with previous singles, “They Go Low” arrived with a music video as part of a larger film accompanying the album

Fantastic Negrito detailed the new single and visual:

When the 1% are making their deals, we’re not at the table. We’re on the menu, so to speak. Especially when I was making the film, I wanted to be sure that I was telling the story of those oppressors, those high bidders. They go low. Low enough to sell your grandmother, low enough to enslave people, low enough to keep poor whites out of work. When people worship money, there’s no limit to how low they’ll go.

Watch the video for “They Go Low” below:

Source: JamBase.com