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Marco Benevento Shares Trancey Inquiry, “Do You Want Some Magic?” [Listen]


Marco Benevento really wants to know, “Do You Want Some Magic?” The question is rhetorical, of course, because whether you want it or not, magic is coming your way on June 10th in the form of Benevento, the keyboardist’s new self-titled album courtesy of Royal Potato Family.

“Do You Want Some Magic?” seeps through the walls of Benevento’s former Fred Short Studios in Woodstock, NY beat-first. The trance-like vamp epitomizes the embrace of West African psych found on Benevento, as the Joe Russo’s Almost Dead keyboardist incessantly chants “Do you want some magic?” Marco’s keys arrive submerged through thick layers of effects, no match for the pounding rhythms that ultimately lead the single off into infinity.

“I’ve always loved the 10-minute-plus songs by Can and Neu! where the entire track is basically the drum groove and the repetitious bass pattern,” Benevento said of the new track. “The recreation of this approach has practically become its own genre and I’ve always wanted to try it. The demo for ‘Do You Want Some Magic?’ was made on a plane to London back in 2016 and I finally had time to re-record it at my studio during the pandemic. It was always something I wanted to get back to and finish. It finally felt complete when I added the Japanese translation of ‘do you want some magic?’ to the mix.”

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Benevento is a product of the pandemic, recorded as the keyboardist holed up in his upstate New York home studio. The 11 tracks hear Marco rediscovering old song sketches and digging himself out of his warehouse-like collection of vintage music equipment. In the end, Benevento serves as a swan song as Marco has since migrated to a new, larger home studio.

“The studio was a good place to be trapped,” Benevento said. “Surrounded by tape machines and gear. The album started to become this document of a crazy dude losing his mind in the woods—and maybe regaining it.”

Benevento was kept largely in-house, with Marco filling all the roles—save for a few guest appearances from percussionist Mamadouba “Mimo” Camara, lyrics from San Diego poet Al Howard, and vocals from Benevento’s wife and children. Ironically, it was when Benevento was forced to stay at home that his influences opened up to the array of world music that inspired the new album.

“I guess all my records are kind of experimental and weird but this one is really unique,” Benevento said. “Records are just snapshots of time, and this is from a time when it was just me, dialing knobs and making mixes and inventing how things could sound.”

Listen to the new Marco Benevento single “Do You Want Some Magic?” via the player below and click here to pre-order Benevento. Marco’s next live solo appearance is on June 18th at his inaugural Follow The Arrow festival in Accord, NY. For tickets and a full list of tour dates visit his website.

Marco Benevento – “Do You Want Some Magic?”

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