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Real Life Vampires Offer Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox Advice On Drinking Human Blood


We know Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are super into each other. So it was not that surprising to learn in a  recent Glamour Magazine article they like to drink one another’s blood.  The article revealed that Kelly and Fox partake in ritual consumption of small amounts of the other’s blood, as a method of displaying their romantic devotion.  While a bit unconventional it isn’t exactly shocking that they’d be interested in that kind of thing. What is shocking though is that some actual vampires (yep, that’s totally a thing!) have come forward with some advice for the lovestruck blood consumers.

According to TMZ that’s exactly what has happened. Belfazaar Ashantison, the co-founder of The New Orleans Vampire Association, apparently heard all about Kelly and Fox’s devotional custom and is now warning them to take proper precautions so as to avoid health issues. Offering up the following tips for the amateur blood drinkers

“Blood can carry various diseases, so it’s imperative to do regular blood testing to ensure that such illnesses aren’t spread from one individual to the other, he said. He often spends around 6 months getting to know a blood donor before drinking their blood himself, and the donors get tested every three months to make sure their blood is clean”

A true OG of the vampire community Father Sebastian has been in the ritual blood consumption game since 1992 and offered up his own words of wisdom for the couple. The founder of the Endless Vampire Ball shared that

“someone’s blood should only be drawn by a medical professional before another drinks it — so Kelly’s willingness to cut his chest with a broken shard of glass for Fox isn’t exactly a safe method”

Online health service Healthline offers that the human compulsion to drink human or animal blood is formally known as ‘Renfield’s syndrome’ — and they actually believe that the consumption of blood is a biological need. But goes on to state that humans are unable to digest blood the way other animal species do, and swallowing large amounts of it at once can cause upset stomach and vomiting. Furthermore, while ingesting small amounts is safe if the blood is clear of diseases, it’s also toxic to drink a lot of it because of how rich it is in iron, which can lead to hemochromatosis.

Whether they choose to follow the advice of their vampiric elders or not, we’re sure it’ll make great lyrical fodder for Kelly’s intended return to rap. It is also super handy for bringing attention to his recent collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon ‘maybe’

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