C-SEED Unveils 201-Inch Foldable Outdoor Micro-LED TV

Upscale TV maker C-SEED, which helped pioneer the foldable micro-LED television in 2021 with the launch of the massive 165-inch M1, is following a “bigger is better” philosophy with the unveiling of a new supersized outdoor screen.


Measuring 201 inches diagonally, the C-SEED 201 HLR is showcased in a stunning video shot poolside at an undisclosed estate in the ritzy Dubai Hills region, further cementing the TV’s high-end status.


Sheer size is one thing, but the automatic deployment from a low-profile compartment is another—a portfolio of seven panels rises over the course of 30 seconds, then unfolds over another 45 seconds. The process is a show in itself.


According to C-SEED, the 201 HLR employs SMD black face technology for low reflectivity and high brightness, achieving a luminosity of 4,000 nits—exceptionally high for even for an outdoor screen.

Over 8 million active pixels emit their own light to create deep blacks and intense color over a 64-billion-piece spectrum to ensure near-perfect picture quality even when viewed on an especially bright day from a wide angle.


That said, the display can pivot 90 degrees to the left or right if viewing angle needs to be adjusted. A high-performance integrated sound bar and new C-SEED media controller with full 4K processing completes the all-in-one package.


C SEED’s HLR 144-inch TV sells for $298,000, while the brand’s HLR 201-inch TV goes for $592,900 (installation not included).

Source: maxim.com