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Twenty One Pilots Announce New Album ‘Clancy’

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untitled design 2024 03 01t011309 746
Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots announced a new album called Clancy and released its first single, ‘Overcompensate’. This is their sixth album after ‘Scaled and Icy’, and it will be released on May 17 through Fueled By Ramen.

Fans noticed changes on their music platforms. The covers of their old albums now have red tape covering the eyes. Some fans got mysterious messages from the Sacred Municipality of Dema, adding to the mystery of their past albums.

Twenty One Pilots – Clancy

Last week, they released a trailer for the album ‘Clunsy’ titled ‘I Am Clancy’. with hints about their new story and the meaning behind their upcoming Album. Tyler Joseph, the lead singer, talked about feeling stuck in a cycle, suggesting a deeper story.

In the trailer, Twenty One Pilots’ Joseph and drummer Josh Dun are shown as escapees stuck on Voldsøy Island. Joseph gets a strange power to bring the dead back to life, hinting at something supernatural. Towards the end of the trailer, Joseph puts on a new mask and says he’s going back to Trench as Clancy.

Their new album seems to explore the world introduced in ‘Trench’, promising another exciting journey for fans into Twenty One Pilots’ music and stories.

Clancy Tracklist:

1. Overcompensate
2. Next Semester
3. Backslide
4. Midwest Indigo
5. Routines In The Night
6. Vignette
7. The Craving (Jenna’s Version)
8. Lavish
9. Navigating
10. Snap Back
11. Oldies Station
12. At The Risk Of Feeling Dumb
13. Paladin Strait

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