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How to Speak With a Real Person at Amazon Customer Service

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Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world, and that can make it quite challenging to shove past the FAQs, user forums, and Reddit threads to actually talk to a human over the phone. As you probably already know from trying to contact someone on Amazon’s “Contact Us” page, there is no direct number to call. That’s by design. Luckily, there are other quicker ways to get a hold of someone who can listen to your specific issues, which may be helpful to keep in mind as Prime Day approaches.

Get a very fast callback from Amazon

Amazon doesn’t like you calling them, but with a few steps, you can get Amazon to call you.

  • Visit Amazon’s Contact Us page

  • Select Something Else

  • Select I need more help

  • Say “Request a phone call” from the customer service chat

  • Choose “Ok, I’ll enter my phone number

Screenshot of chatting with Amazon chat box.

Credit: Screenshot Daniel Oropeza

As you can see from the screenshot, it takes a couple of tries on the chat to get the machine to give you the option of getting a callback, but that’s nothing a little persistence can’t fix.

Source: LifeHacker.com