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Lark Releases New Single ‘All I Want Is You’

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Australian pop sensation Lark released her new single “All I Want Is You” on June 13th, now available worldwide on all streaming platforms.

The song captures the longing and anticipation of losing a partner and waiting for their return. The song is co-written by Lark and Andrew Parniczky and produced by Jono Fernandez, known for his collaborations with SIA and Morgan Page, which combines impressive instruments with powerful vocals.

Lark – ‘All I Want Is You’

Lark’s husky voice and the song’s pounding rhythm form an explosive chorus that perfectly expresses her strong emotions. Lyrics like “Feel Your Breath, On My Skin, I Can Taste Your Lips and All the Places They’ve Been,” evoke an urgent encounter with a loved one

Lark shared her experience working with producer Jono Fernandez. “Working with Jono Fernandez on this song was awesome. He got that groove down, and it was all swagger from there, I ended up re-recording the vocals in the pre-chorus because the first take didn’t have enough swag. I got there in the end by doing a Billy Idol sneer while singing! Jono always pulls out the best in me and seems to know what’s happening in my musical head.”

Lark was influenced by artists such as Madonna, Kiss and Swedish pop groups. She has opened for notable artists such as BB King, Johnny Johnson and Men at Work. Last year she collaborated with Jono Fernandez and released her first single “Unicorn”, which quickly rose to number 1 on the Euro Indie music chart. Since then, Lark has had several singles in the world indie charts and the Euro Indie Music Chart.

You can stream the new single ‘All I Want You’ here

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