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WYLDLIFE Rocks Out With New Single ‘Fast Dreams’

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On June 21, NYC-based punk rock band WYLDLIFE released their newest single, “Fast Dreams.” The new single is the band’s first release since their 2020 album, “Year of the Snake.” Complete with fast-paced guitar riffs, a moving bassline, and exciting, gritty vocals, “Fast Dreams,” WYLDLIFE makes headbanging-worthy rock and roll music fun again.


For over the last decade, WYLDLIFE has brought the 70s rock and roll style back to New York City’s music scene. Their fun-filled single and music video are the latest thing to come out of their label, Wicked Cool Records. WYLDLIFE has four members: Dave Feldman (vocals), Sam Allen (guitar), Spencer Alexander (bass), and Russ Barrnett (drums), each committed to bringing back the classic sounds of the 70s like Blondie and Ramones. Since 2009, WYLDLIFE has released 4 full studio albums and were nominated for an Independent Music Award for Best Rock/Hard Rock Song.

Their newest single, however, is a captivating mix of sounds from different eras. The 70s inspiration is absolutely prevalent, but upon first listen, it feels like a 2000s power anthem. The fast-moving bassline, combined with Feldman’s vocals, is reminiscent of alt-rock outfits like Palaye Royale, Arcade Fire, and The White Stripes. Amidst the current ever-popular trap and indie-pop scene, WYLDLIFE’s newest single is a fantastic juxtaposition that has all the right elements of nostalgia, yet still manages to sound fresh, original, and new.

The lyrics of “Fast Dreams” tell an incredibly relatable story about someone excited for their dreams to come true while having to wrestle with the mundane parts of life. “Fast Dreams” brings us a familiar narrative about someone trying to make their dreams come true as fast as possible because they are simply too excited for success. “Fast Dreams” feels like a song that would belong on the soundtrack of a coming-of-age movie, with the narrator’s contradictory feelings of angst and excitement.

Along with their newest single, the music video for “Fast Dreams” is also out for consumption. Animated in the style of a 2-bit arcade game, the music video features WYLDLIFE as video game characters, racing against reality and time to achieve their goal. The message of the single is executed perfectly, and it is obvious that the group had a blast when creating the video together. “Fast Dreams” was the best thing to come out of their four-year-long hiatus.

“Fast Dreams” is available on all streaming platforms. To watch their music video or check out any of WYLDLIFE’s other powerhouse anthems, check them out on Bandcamp. For any touring information, follow their Facebook page.

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