Roadmap for detecting changes in ocean due to climate change

When will we see significant changes in the ocean due to climate change? A new study finds that some changes are noticeable already, while others will take up to a century.

Comparing your house to your neighbors’ can lead to dissatisfaction

Satisfaction with your home can depend on its size compared to your neighbors' homes, according to new research. Researchers found that people are more likely to be dissatisfied with their house if it is smaller than their neighbors'.

Biochemists discover new insights into what may go awry in brains of Alzheimer’s patients

Three decades of research on Alzheimer's disease have not produced major treatment advances for patients. Researchers now report new insights that may lead to progress in fighting the devastating disease. They discovered beta amyloid has a specific amino acid that can form a kink, like a kink in a garden hose, creating a harmful molecular zipper and leading to...

Research using mechanics and physics could predict diseases that ‘stress out’ cells

Using ultrasonic tweezers, live imaging and a micro-mechanical substrate, researchers found energy patterns in cellular allostasis that could predict the presence of disease.

Drawing inspiration from natural marvels to make new materials

The shape-shifting bristle worm has the unique ability to extend its jaw outside of its mouth and ensnare surprised prey. The metal coordination chemistry that makes this natural wonder possible can also be the key to creating new materials for use in sensors, healthcare applications, and much more.

Towards an ‘orrery’ for quantum gauge theory

Physicists have developed a new approach to couple quantized gauge fields to ultracold matter. The method might be the basis for a versatile platform to tackle problems ranging from condensed-matter to high-energy physics.

Volkswagen All-Electric ID Beach Buggy Is a Dune Dominator

Back in March, Volkswagen rocked the Geneva Motor Show with modern concept EV based on the modded Beetle dune buggies that famously roamed American beaches in decades past.Now the German automaker has revealed a head-turning prototype ahead of Cali's Concours d’Elegance, fueling more speculation that this thing might one day be made available for the public to...

Couple who ran a home for troubled boys charged with trafficking children, forced labor

A husband and wife who ran a home for troubled boys in Texas have been arrested a year after the home was raided and eight boys were removed, reports say.

Mom held as sex slave for month after she and baby kidnapped from driveway, NC cops say

The man tased her, sexually assaulted her and held her at gunpoint, according to police.

California high school students filmed giving Nazi salutes and singing Nazi war song

A group of around a dozen Orange County, California high school students were filmed giving Nazi salutes at a sports award ceremony.