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Scene Here: Mountain Park Funk



The old familiar smell of hundreds of people’s body odors mingles with the dust kicking up under our feet and the marijuana smoke hanging low in the air to form that perfect outdoor concert aroma at Mountain Park in Holyoke Saturday.

Turkuaz, each member head to toe in a vibrant rainbow hue, pumps the funk and gets the people moving.

Beside me, a quartet of cool-eyed concert veterans parcel out acid. And to the front a pregnant woman shakes her booty better than any of us while her partner with the banana in his pocket twirls her around.

The sun is getting low, George Clinton is set to take the stage in the next half hour, and on everyone’s lips is the same refrain, “We need the funk, gotta have that funk!”

The excitement tingles as we make ourselves ready to see the doctor of funk fusion bless the audience with a low growl and a promise of an alien experience.

— Kristin Palpini, [email protected]