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Dance: Take the Plunge with Legible Bod(ies)


Jeffrey Byrnes photo

Diving Belles

If The Legible Bod(ies) take a little while to come into their own, it won’t be from lack of ambition. The new Valley-based artist collective makes dance performances “for stage, film, screen, or anywhere people will sit still long enough to watch,” and their first project looks promising: a full-on dive into dance, theater, and film as seen through a watery lens. Photographer and videographer Jeffrey Byrnes teams up with dancer and choreographer Noel St. Jean-Chevalier for a multimedia show that pushes boundaries and blends ballet with modern dance and physical theater. The company presents a preview of Take the Plunge just for Art Walk Easthampton, where visitors can watch dancers, check out video and photos, and talk post-show with the artists.

Take the Plunge: Saturday at 8 p.m. Free. MAP (Mill Arts Project) Space at Eastworks, 116 Pleasant St., Easthampton. (413) 529-1425, legiblebodies.com.

 — Hunter Styles