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Celebrate Immigration

I think the people of Northampton and the whole Pioneer Valley should take the lead and turn the arrival of refugees to our area into a celebration. Our country’s founding principles are based on no discrimination. Instead of fearing these unknown immigrants, let’s let them want to contribute to our community. Instead of greeting them with bigotry, why not present each of them with Statues of Liberty? And I suggest each of us read the inscription on the statue.

Now, imagine yourself being one of the refugees. If the people in the area you are resettled help you deal with you the aggravation, wouldn’t you want to make your family fit in with them? The real power our valley could exert is by setting an example. Let’s do the right thing.

David C. Porter


Drought On: Simple Ways to Save Water

I celebrate Kristin Palpini’s recent article, “Water Hogs: Some towns use far more water than others,” Sept. 6, 2016. The drought is a reality, and she brought up some good ideas that each of us could employ to reduce our water consumption.

I too save water from boiling eggs and from steamed vegetables, and also the water when I boil our lovely Valley sweet corn. I put that water into a bucket in the kitchen that I can take out to water flowers in my garden. For a long time I have used a second bucket for the cold water I collect in the shower before the hot water arrives. I learned to do that from one of our sons who lives in California, where drought has caused significant reductions over many years. He really cares and has two bricks in their toilet tank, and that saves water at every flush. But, this is important, too. They use a bucket full of saved water to flush the toilet when appropriate.

I hope more people are not too delicate to consider these suggestions and might do the same. Two buckets can really make a difference.

Sidney B. Simon



·On “Coming Out to Your Husband: ‘Old Lesbians’ share personal stories of life before Pride”:

Hardenberg Donna: Really enjoyed the article, your bravery, your inspiration, your active advocacy. Couldn’t help, but notice the beautiful cranes on J’s shirt. Keep up the good work!