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Got Weed Questions? Advocate-sponsored marijuana legalization forum Thursday, Oct. 6


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Marijuana legalization up for a binding vote on Nov. 8, and people still have a lot of questions about what legal weed would mean for Massachusetts’ residents, economy, and law enforcement.

On Thursday, Oct. 6, the Valley Advocate, along with additional media sponsors, will host a forum “Should Massachusetts Legalize Marijuana?”

People speaking on the topic will include Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Chairman Dick Evans, Opioid Task Force Director Paul McNeil, and campaign manager for Yes on 4 (a pro-legalization group) Will Luzier.

As the woman behind the Advocate’s O, Cannabis column, I’ll also be there on a panel of media folks and students with questions at the ready.

Though I’ll be asking questions of the invited speakers, the real point of the event is to let the audience pepper the pros with queries.

Topics may include:

The impact of marijuana on young people’s developing minds

If approved, how would the legal sale of marijuana impact the economy?

Can a weed shop or a pot farm spring up in a residential neighborhood?

Effect on crime and the black market

Is marijuana addictive?

Lessons from Colorado, where recreational weed has been available since 2014.

Come prepared to ask questions, air concerns, and leave ready to make an educated vote.

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