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Missed Connections: ‘So gentlemanly of you that it turned me on’


Wash and Dry (Easthampton)

Wanted to comment on the man I saw at the laundromat in Easthampton on Tuesday afternoon. you have beautiful blue eyes. We were folding our clothes at the same time. Hopefully you will read this, I would love to hear from you. Jan. 24, 2017

Looking for — m4w

I am looking for the 3 Hispanic men or there lawyer who were recently busted for possession of gamefowl. I might be able to get you information that can help your case if anyone knows these men please contact me through here. I believe they are from Lawrence. Or there lawyers contact info.thanks Jan. 24, 2017

Hot Girl Price Chopper last night 11:45 pm — m4w (Pittsfield)

Vary Hot girl at market 32 Price Chopper at around 11:45 Pm Long brown hair , grey sweater Really Short white mini shirt Nice Legs, Black high heals if you see this please contact me sure like to meet you age 30ish Jan. 23, 2017

dunkin donuts — m4m (holyoke)

i see you every friday at the driveup — i always get 2 bagels as is…. would love to meet up Jan. 21, 2017

LAUREN from the office — m4w (Agawam)

We used to work together. Friday was your last day. Ive a crush on you ever since we met in the lunch room and you asked about my car. Id call to check in every morning and always hoped you picked up. Youre always nice so I could never tell if you where into me plus I’m sure we both have significant others. Long shot but message me if you think this is you. Jan. 23, 2017

Class — m4w (Easthampton)

Is that guy you come to class with your boyfriend or brother? I can’t tell because there isn’t any pda. You two just kinda sit there, face forward, and listen. It’s hard not to keep looking over because you are absolutely gorgeous and he doesn’t seem to give you any attention whatsoever. He should be holding your hand, smiling at you, and holding the door for you. I don’t mean to judge, it just looks weird to see someone so naturally beautiful with a guy who isn’t super attractive and doesn’t appear to be all about you. The person I come with has already caught me staring at you twice. Did you catch me yet? If he is your significant other and he treats you like gold, then fine, I’ll shut up. But if you, like me, are putting way more into the relationship than the other person, we should talk. Jan. 20, 2017

Courtney at mingles last weekend — m4w (West springfield

You came in and literally pounded several drinks in about 20 minutes. You said you had a bad day. I asked If you were Irish. We laughed. I would’ve loved to talk to you more but you left as quickly as you drank your drinks. Hope you see this. Email me with the drinks you had so I know it’s you. I’d love to talk to you again sometime. Jan. 19, 2017

Rachel from the Hadley Quarters — m4w

I know how much you hate the happy valley but please come back so we can feminism and chill. Jan. 18, 2017

Cute fitness salesman at Dick’s Sporting Goods — m4m (Pittsfield)

Your eyes disrobed me. If interested, Tell me what exercise equipment I was interested in. You could tell I was definitely interested!!!!! Jan. 17, 2017