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Missed Connections: ‘we were both wearing Edelman jerseys’


If you’ve never checked out Craigslist’s Missed Connections section, you really should. The Western Mass forum is full of wistful near-meEts and longing. Below is a compilation of  “missed connection” items from craigslist.org.  Entries include post date. 

Fireman cutie today west housatonic st station (Pittsfield)

I couldn’t help but notice you while I was cleaning my car across the street. You are hot and manly tall dark and handsome young fireman. I’ve never tried posting like this before. Recently single, not looking for anything public or serious … but I’d love a little time to romp around and play with you as a fun distraction. Again, I’ve never done this before. What color is your truck? The one with the sexy silver toolboxes along the tail. Feb. 7, 2017

Stop and Shop Edelman jersey boy — w4m (Hadley)

I think we appreciated that we were both wearing Edelman jerseys, and then ended up in the same checkout isle. You watched me fumble trying to put my basket away. I was finished first so I walked slowly hoping you’d catch up, and you did. You walked completely in the wrong direction of your own car and it was so cute to watch you walk two car lanes to your own. Please say hi. Tell me the color of your car and some groceries you bought (I looked). Feb. 6, 2017

We danced together at the WW2 Club on Saturday night — m4w (Florence)

It was a wild night on Saturday night, and we had a great time dancing at the WW2 club. Me — short blonde hair, glasses. I was wearing jeans and a long-sleeved green shirt. If you’re interested, let’s grab a beer sometime. Or, better yet, let’s do some more dancing. Feb. 6, 2017

You came over with your man in 2013 — m4w (Easthampton)

You came over and we had an erotic encounter with your man and I in 2013. You commented I needed a girlfriend as you took every last drop. I do now, and she is aching for an erotic encounter, and you are the best I ever had. Our new place has a room made for erotic adventures. Your blue eyes and thick lips pop up in my dreams sometimes. He worked at DD, but seems things are different now. We crave you. Feb. 5, 2017

Noodles — m4w (Northampton)

You were sitting at the window counter when I walked by. We smiled and waved. I swear we know each other. This isn’t a come on, i swear. I am seriously trying to figure out where the heck we know each other from. Feb. 4, 2017

walking out of tunnel bar — m4w (Northampton)

we walked out of tunnel bar together. there was a moment of hesitation when we parted ways. thought about asking you to come with me … Feb. 4, 2017

Northend Pride Station in white mini van — m4w

You were driving a white chrysler minivan and had grey sweatpants on . I was in my company vehicle. Couln’t take my eyes off from you. I should have said something to you when you were getting in your van. We were parked on the side of building. If you read this, respond with the type of vehicle I was driving. Would love to take you out on a date. Feb. 2, 2017

Thank you for not giving me a ticket — w4m (this morning)

You watched me accidentally run a red light after leaving DD. I pulled over in the convenience store lot knowing you’d come after me. I appreciate your forgiving nature. It was a complete accident and I think you could tell that. Good karma, sir. Feb. 1, 2017

Dream about you — m4w

I was back working there. You left carrying something heavy with someone. Later, you came back and went to sit not far from me. Your eyes were covered with bandages as if you’d had some treatment. The dynamics with us were the same as in real life — the walls between. Feb. 1, 2017

KJM — m4w (Western mass)

It’s a new year and if you’re not happy for some reason, then email me. Fuck it right? 11:11 Jan. 31, 2017

Outback Springfield Ma — m4w

Met you while having dinner last evening. We had some laughs at your roommates expense. She introduced you as her beautiful roommate, I agree you are. You were there alone on datenight because your date was sleeping. Wish I had been your date. You asked where I was staying and I told you. I left before you did but saw you walking to your car. I now wish I had spoken to you then outside. If you ser this and would like to chat reply and tell me why we were laughing and where I was staying. Feb. 2, 2017

Gideon: Your Service with a Blush — w4m (Greenfield)

Friday January 27th. You: handsome and on a date with your daughter at a busy Greenfield restaurant. Me: served you bread & drinks while you waited for your table, blushing when I told you Gideon is one of my favorite names. I saw you again from afar at the Atlas Farm Stand this week. … are you local? Would you like to meet for tea? I hope so ? Feb. 2, 2017

Sexy Straight Guy in Yellow Shirt — m4m (Dalton)

Long shot here. … we met up twice last year hot times though you have a gf so we were playing on the dl but you definitely seemed to enjoy yourself the second time was pretty interesting considering something that happened to you regarding you gf brother or something I think anyways on the off chance you read this drop me a line saying what happened so i know its you. … Feb. 2, 2017