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Papadosio Brings Their Patented Jamtronica To Milwaukee [Photos]


Last night, Papadosio performed to a sold-out crowd at Milwaukee’s Miramar Theatre. They played a show that had plenty of fan favorites, tight jams, and some nice sandwiches sprinkled throughout. The opener, Jaw Gems, played a good set of their own electronica to start the night.

With the daylight savings time taking effect, fittingly, Papadosio opened their set with “2AM.” With acoustics out, the three-minute song sounded like it could be found on your favorite pop radio station. True to the jam band genre, surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly), the song had some short, albeit sweet, improvisational moments, taking the song on a different path that rarely strays away from the norm. To begin their next tune, they had a really catchy and melodic electronica intro that went into “Hippie Babysitter.” This song has been jam vehicle for the band for a while, and this one fulfilled expectation, as it had a “Mr. Cloud’s Turtle Kingdom” sandwiched inside it.

Songs from their newest release like “Oblivion” and “Each and Every Wave” followed, which were played near identical to the studio versions but still well played. “You and Yourself” continued the show and it was one of the highlights of the night. The improvisation was dark and dirty, and the whole song lasted at least fifteen minutes. Another highlight was a set-closing “We Are Water.” They made sure to end with a bang because it rivaled the “You and Yourself” for best improvisation of the night.

Papadosio filled the encore slot with a sandwich of “New Love” into “The Lack of Everything” back to “New Love.” The beginning of the encore featured a particularly nice bass solo from Rob McConnell, who sounded like he could have been in a jazz club, while the latter end contained blistering energy and left the crowd wanting more. Papadosio plays tonight in Madison before heading to the South for the last dates on the Pattern Integrities spring tour. You can check out photos from last night below, courtesy of Daniel Ojeda.

Setlist: Papadosio | Miramar Theatre | Milwaukee, WI | 3/11/2017

2AM, Hippie Babysitter > Mr. Turtle’s Cloud Kingdom > Hippie Babysitter, Oblivion, Each and Every Wave, You and Yourself, Anima Mundi, Drift, We Are Water

Encore: New Love >The Lack of Everything > New Love

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