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PREMIERE: Evening Darling Deliver An Insightful And Entrancing First Impression [Full Album Stream]


Evening Darling’s self-titled new album is an amazingly mature and intelligent look at life’s transitions, a debut that manages to entertain and explore deep thoughts without missing a beat. An inexorable sense of movement permeates the entire collection’s lyrics and musical tone. Making extensive and repeated use of car and driving metaphors helps illustrate their sentiments in a surprisingly varied series of ways. Vocalist Erica Lane offers a hopeful but wary view of transitioning to full-blown adulthood in the impressive set of alt-rock tunes. You can check out the entire album on the playlist below. Stick around, scroll down, and check out our thoughts on this impressive debut afterwards.

Evening Darling

One of the first things you notice when listening to Evening Darling is how complete it sounds. “Another Long Drive” kicks off the album with a straight forward examination of human inter-connectivity. The framing device of the classic road trip practically revels in the intimacy of the setting while remaining aware of the inevitability of arrival. A haunting guitar time-change reinforces the transitory nature of life subtlety but effectively.

“Live Where You Lay” reminds us that answers lie within, not without. It’s a sobering reminder that problems wait, no matter where you run. “Classic Cars” continues the use of the automotive framing device. A lament on the focus on flash and style over substance, it decries the proliferation of “Superstars smashing rare guitars and crashing classic cars.”

“Passenger Side” deals with the creeping realization that the older you get, you not only have to start taking the wheel but that you should want to take the wheel. Enjoy youth and the moment while it lasts, but don’t be afraid to embrace the joys of adulthood, it reminds listeners. Songs like “Stardust And Glitter” extrapolate these thoughts to their farthest points while contemplating the brevity of life itself.

Evening Darling show great skill and bravery in their willingness to tackle these heady subjects in such an alert and intelligent fashion, particularly so when considering they’re so early in their career. The fact that they manage to match their lyrical sensibilities with captivating musicianship makes this release all the more impressive. These universal themes and evocative soundscapes are sure to win them an army of delighted fans.

Says the band about the coming together of Evening Darling, “Most of us got to know each other over a couple years as members of a folk band. But the folk genre seemed to force a persona that didn’t represent our individual pasts or where we wanted to go. The formation of Evening Darling, the sound we’ve developed, and the recurring themes in the lyrics almost felt like a reflex being triggered. The music came naturally as we drew upon lifelong influences and each other. Lyrically, we always had a sense of longing and nostalgia in our songs, but we started to find a lot of uncertainty and disappointment creep up. Dredging up our own let-downs and regret was a new thrill of it’s own. Our music is no longer concerned with a return to the homestead we never knew. Instead this album prays to the patron saint that is an open highway at two in the morning, in search of city neon.”

Setting the bar so high on a debut could make thoughts of following it up daunting, but if the deceptive ease they show on this album is any indication of their scope of skills, the future is bright for Evening Darling. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Evening Darling is hosting an album release party at The Bowery Electric in NYC with The Gold Magnolias, Lowlight and Wild Leaves on Friday, April 14th. Information and tickets for this jam packed album release party are available HERE.

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