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Sticky Fingers Bassist Posts Lengthy Tirade Against Thelma Plum


Sticky Fingers bassist Paddy Cornwall has shared a lengthy written tirade against singer-songwriter Thelma Plum, accusing her and her fans of bullying.

Posting a screenshot of a message (below) which Plum allegedly sent to his girlfriend on Instagram, Cornwall accused the singer of “abusing” his partner.

The message allegedly sent by Plum (who was involved in an incident with Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost in 2016) reads, “Lol good job trying to infiltrate a feminist group and put heaps of women in danger for ur shit house boyfriend.

“That’s an incredible FUCKED up thing to do and I’ll be lettin ppl know.”

In response, Cornwall wrote, “Thelma Plum. A fellow ‘artist’ abusing my girlfriend. A victim of multiple acts of physical/sexual abuse. Within an ‘abuse support network’.

“Since been booted from within following more abuse from fellow members of said ‘abuse support group’.

“I can cop shit. It’s part of the job. But hurting my family is something different entirely. This is personal now Thelma. You disgust me.

“Sorry you don’t have the talent to write/sing a half decent song. Unfortunately this does not give you an excuse for this kind of behaviour. And no; this has nothing to do with your skin colour, nor gender. You are a horrible person. Fuck you.”

In a further series of comments, Cornwall threatened Plum while claiming to have more screenshots of messages sent by her.

“You wanna ‘ruin my career’? Thelma? And yes. I have the screenshots you vile human. This is my time now. I’m taking you out,” he said.

“I’ve tried countless times to settle this in a civil manner with you. But you ain’t interested. Because you are addicted to the wrong types of fame. So here it is. Have it. You pathetic loser.

“This ain’t usually my style. HOWEVER my mum is upset. My girlfriend is crying. The line has been crossed. Thelma Plum you are a disgrace of a human being.”

Over on Facebook, Cornwall claimed that what he called the “Thelma Army” had been “stalking” him and his family.

“The fact that my darling mother and sweetheart girlfriend have been harassed/dragged into this? My gf has had it incredibly rough over the years and this is the last thing she needs. I am fuming,” he said.

“On top of this; my private number being handed around?? The line has been well and truly crossed. This is no longer a band matter. This is personal.

“Thelma Plum. You want a fight? You’ve got one now mate. Fuck with my family? That is that. And don’t you dare try and twist this into something racial/gender orientated you spineless, talentless, sociopathic piece of human garbage.

“By the way Thelma Plum. Plenty more screenshots of the types of insanity you have texted to myself and the rest of the band personally. Push me. Just try it mate. Hey by the way. Is all this maybe because of the time that time you tried to hook up with me at The Great Northern in Byron [Bay], and I rejected you knowing you were dating my mate Nick? Oh yeah. That is also after trying it on with the rest of my band too. Go figure.”

In his comments, Cornwall also alleged that Sticky Fingers were once pulled from the lineup of Wollongong’s Yours & Owls Festival, as well as a performance at Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

Music Feeds has contacted Thelma Plum’s management. She is currently recording overseas and wasn’t available for comment at the time of publication.

View Paddy Cornwall’s Instagram and Facebook comments, below.

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Paddy Cornwall Screenshots

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