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Eurojams Part 2 – UK Edition: Documenta, TVAM, Leifur James, Skinshape & Get The Blessing


Documenta: Lady With The Ring

Last week we were in the Netherlands and this week we’re going to make a short hop over to the British Isles for some excellent UK jams. First up, we’re in Belfast with a new-to-me-and-maybe-you-too band called Documenta. Their latest is a five-track EP called Lady With The Ring, which tells a rather fascinating/morbid tale of a woman taken for dead, buried alive who resuscitated when someone tried to steal the ring off her finger. This tale is woven through some rather awe-inspiring music, majestic, inspiring rock music. At under 20 minutes, it’s a quick listen, but there’s so much packed in there, so much great sound, you’ll want to go right back in for more.


TVAM: Psychic Data

TVAM is UK-based producer Joe Oxley and his debut LP Psychic Data is a haunting, unsettling set of tracks, dense with guitars, synthesizers and irresistible beats. Each track feels like an episode of Black Mirror, brain-twisting candy that you can’t look away from, entertaining as heck, but maybe a touch uncomfortable. Not to scare you away, there are some magnificent tracks in here, and you know I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Check it out, I think you’ll find some of the good stuff in there.

Leifur James: A Louder Silence

Sticking with another of the truly excellent electronic music coming out these days, but on the other side of the spectrum, we’ve got Leifur James. Sometimes you find yourself returning to an album and tracks over and over and the London producer’s debut album, A Louder Silence has been that for me since its release a couple months ago. It has thrilling moments of sheer beauty mixed with some downtempo grooves that border between dance and jazz. This is the kind of album that you find yourself lost in and you don’t want to get found. Check it out, I think you’ll dig.


Skinshape: Filoxiny

Filoxiny, the newest release from Skinshape makes a good London-based companion to the Leifur James release. So laid back it hits the snooze button on its own, this is some groovy, groovy stuff. This is the project of William Dorey who has a clear love for old-school soul, funk and boogaloo, and creates a supremely chill mix. Oh yeah, oh yeah, this is not to be missed. Enjoy!


Get The Blessing: Bristopia

All those chill grooves probably got you in the mood to do some dancing. Maybe our last pick can help you with that. The band is Get The Blessing and hopefully longtime readers are already hip to their unique brand of very British jazz/funk/insanity/free-flowing-awesomeness. And by “very British” I mean that, as y’all know, some of the most interesting not-really-jazz music is coming out of the UK and Get The Blessing is right up there with those leading the charge. Their latest release, Bristopia, a nod to their home of Bristol, is a masterpiece of chaotic grooves, a dense explosion of sound and good energy. Don’t miss this one, friends! Enjoy your stay in the UK listening to all of this week’s picks, we’ll see where we end up next week.