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Spotify Adds ‘Don’t Play This Artist’ Option


Spotify enabled its users to mute artists from automatically streaming on playlists, radio, charts and user libraries. Each artist’s profile on the streaming platform now offers the option to select “don’t play this artist.”

Pitchfork notes, selecting the “don’t play artist” option does not prevent a track from streaming when the blocked musician is featured on a song but not listed as a primary artist. The new functionality uncovered by Thurrott is currently only available via Spotify mobile apps, but once an artist is muted blocking applies to the desktop app as well.

The “don’t play artist” option only blocks that artist’s music from being streamed on Spotify, but muted artists still appear in search results and on charts, radio and curated playlists. In those instances, qualifying songs will be skipped over if an artist is blocked by a user.

[Hat Tip – Billboard]