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Anna Calvi Announces 2019 Australian Tour


British singer-songwriter Anna Calvi has announced her return to Australia this year, with some shows to accompany her slot at this year’s Dark Mofo festival.

Fresh off the back of her 2018 album Hunter, Calvi will be making her first Australian tour since 2014 when she was here as a part of VIVID Live.

She’ll be playing shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this June. Before all that, however, she’ll be playing Dark Mofo as a part of the Hobart festival’s colossal lineup, which also includes FKA twigs, serpentwithfeet, Nicolas Jaar, Sharon Van Etten and more.

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Check out the full dates of Calvi’s Australian tour below.

Anna Calvi 2019 Australian Tour

Tickets on sale 9am local time Thursday, 18th April

Sunday, 16th June
Factory Theatre, Sydney
Tickets: Secret Sounds

Tuesday, 18th June
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets: Secret Sounds

Wednesday, 19th June
The Triffid, Brisbane
Tickets: Secret Sounds

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