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The Disco Biscuits Offer Giant ‘42’ Sandwich In Denver


Jamtronica act The Disco Biscuits kicked off a three-night stand in Colorado on Thursday with the first of two concerts at The Ogden Theatre in Denver. The Disco Biscuits presented two seamless sets wrapped around old school original “42” as part of opening night.

The quartet used “42” to begin a 66-minute segment that formed the first set of the run. An inverted “Aquatic Ape” emerged out of “42” and led into a wild “Astronaut” sequence, which featured “King Of The World” within. The Disco Biscuits started what turned out to be a 90-minute, six-song second set with “Mindless Dribble.” One of the band’s earliest songs, “Vassillios” came next and the run of classics continued with “Spacebirdmatingcall” and “Voices Insane.” tDB then presented an inverted “Miracles” before finishing “42.” For the encore, the four-piece went with the year’s first “Portal To An Empty Head.”

Watch pro-shot video of the entire concert below:

Setlist (via tDB Facebook)

Set One: 42 -> Aquatic Ape (inverted) -> Astronaut -> King of the World -> Astronaut

Set Two: Mindless Dribble -> Vassillios -> Spacebirdmatingcall -> Voices Insane -> Miracles (inverted) -> 42

Encore: Portal To An Empty Head

Source: JamBase.com