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The 10 Best Deals of August 22, 2019


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We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.

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Read more Read#1 Dr. Bronners

The Inventory as a unit is a very big fan of the iconic Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint 18-In-1 Hemp Pure-Castile Soap; we use it to wash our bodies, our clothes, our gym bags, our yoga mats, our Instant Pots, our sheets, our weighted blankets—basically anything that can get smelly—and it works. But today, 32 oz. bundles of the famously tingly mint version of this all-in-one cleaning wonder is on sale for a mere $9 at Target—it normally costs almost double the price, and it rarely, if ever, goes on sale.

We can’t imagine this deal will last long, so stock up on the Doc while you can. Relish the tingly, minty fresh scent. Scrub yourself and your house and all your stuff cleaner than ever before. (Just, uh, ignore the label.) And don’t forget: Dilute! Dilute! Ok!

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A reader sends in this question, which I’m sure has crossed many of your minds:

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Read more Read#2 linens gold box

Today only, Amazon’s offering a discount on premium linens and comforters. While I’m mostly sleeping on top of my comforter these days, I’m sure a lot of us would appreciate a discounted upgrade to our sheets.

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Prices start at just $44, with sizes ranging from twin to king sheets. But there’s also window curtains and mattress toppers, to round out your options. Just remember that these prices expire at the end of the day. So be sure to visit the main page to see all of the deals.


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Anker 3-Outlet & 3 PowerIQ USB Ports Surge Protector | $17 | Amazon | Clip coupon on page

Whether you’re moving your teen into a dorm room or want to power a few more gadgets than your wall outlet will allow, this Anker power strip is a no-brainer. With 3 outlets and 3 USB ports built in, you can power just about any accessory or give your spare cables a new job. Better still, the wall outlet plug is angled so it can be tucked behind a dresser.

This current price is the lowest we’ve ever seen. Just make sure to clip the coupon on the page to get the best price.


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#4 simplehuman dish rack

Here’s your chance to pick up our readers’ favorite dish rack, the simplehuman Kitchen Steel Frame Dish Rack. This particular model is roomy and offers dedicated areas for cupware, and manages to actually look nice. $64 may seem steep, and it is but this is $17 less than its regular price and the lowest price we’ve seen since January.


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Read more Read#5 ground beef for life

It’s back! One of Butcher Box’s most popular welcome offers is hitting the griddle once again, and new customers can get two pounds of free ground beef added to every box for the life of their membership. That’s like eight free burgers every month, or a bunch of tacos, or a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Just don’t forget the spicy ketchup.

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Your bonus beef come bundled with any of Butcher Box’s pre-selected boxes, which are priced at $129 for 24 servings, or $238 for 48 servings, delivered every 30 or 60 days. For a nominal surcharge, you can also build a completely custom box, with your choices of proteins.

Note: You’ll have to enter your email at the beginning of the process. I know, it’s annoying.

#6 pet grooming glove

Having a pet makes life more exciting and honestly, I’d say better. But as much as I love my cats, I do not love their fur. I find little fur tufts all around my home every single day. For my cat who is half Maine Coon, standard brushing doesn’t always work out in either of our favors. This best-selling grooming glove from Amazon might just do the trick though!

The Pet Grooming Glove from DELOMO has over 3,800 reviews and 4 stars. It is a gentle alternative to brushing that feels more like your cat or dog is getting a back rub and not having bristles scraped down their fur. Your furry friend might even consider this a spa-like massage! Right now, you can get this for $9 when you use the promo code L8Y3MMR7.


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#7 sun joe power tools

If your front or backyard is in need some deep TLC, you need to shop Home Depot’s sale of up to 25% off select outdoor tools and equipment. The sale includes a ton of Sun Joe products, like pressure washers, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, portable generators, chainsaws, and more.

#8 Eneloop batteries

Eneloops are our readers’ favorite rechargeable batteries, and B&H is running a rare on a set today. This $35 (normally $50) bundle includes 8 AA, 4 AAA batteries, and a charger.

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The Eneloop line has an incredible reputation, and I have them powering many of my devices, including my external camera flash.

#9 dyson

Dyson Refurb Flash Sale | Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is normally where we go for well-priced fashions, but today, they’re offering up some more than decent deals on a range of refurbished products from Dyson. Take home a fan for $200, a humidifier for $250, or vacuums ranging from ball to handheld to stick for as low as $100. And yes, you can even score that coveted Supersonic Hair Dryer for $280. So don’t wait for this deal to blow over; take advantage of these Dyson deals before items start selling out.

#10 levi’s

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans. If you know what I mean, head over to Levi’s, where select styles are 30% off in an effort to get you ready for fall. The sale includes items for men, women, and kids, so truly everyone can dive into some new, discounted denim.

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