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Widespread Panic Busts Out Beatles Cover With Jerry Joseph In Mexico


Widespread Panic continued their four-night Panic En La Playa Nueve run at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico on Saturday night. WSP welcomed longtime collaborator Jerry Joseph to bust out a Beatles cover and more.

Panic got things going with “Sharon” followed by “Greta” which led into “Worry.” The band dusted off the latter one year to the day they last played the tune on January 25, 2019 at Panic En La Playa Ocho. WSP then got into a Van Morrison section that featured renditions of “And It Stoned Me” and “Send Your Mind.” The Michael Houser-penned “Airplane” came next and led into “Jaded Tourist,” “Diner” and the Willie Dixon blues number “Tail Dragger” to close out the first frame.

WSP turned to the Bloodkin song “Henry Parsons Died” to open up the second set ahead of “Bust It Big,” which according to Panic Stream contained an “I Trusted You” tease. WSP debuted the song from comedian Andy Kaufman on Halloween 2019 in New Orleans for their Kauffman themed show. The band would return to the song to close out the Halloween run on November 2 but have not played it since. The classic “Mercy” saw the band jamming their way into “Bowlegged Woman,” originally performed by Bobby Rush.

After more vintage Panic in “Blight” and “Arleen” (an old reggae number performed by General Echo), Jerry Joseph emerged for the John Lennon-penned Beatles tune “Come Together” from Abbey Road. Joseph and frontman John Bell traded verses while Joseph and guitarist Jimmy Herring traded riffs during the jam. Jerry stuck around to perform his own “Chainsaw City,” which saw crew member Steve Lopez joining in on percussion. The guest-filled number brought the second set to a close.

Panic made good on the Red Hot Mama Pajama theme of the night by playing the Funkadelic classic to open up the encore, which led into the crowd favorite “Blackout Blues” to cap off the evening. Check out video of “Come Together” via MrTopdogger below:

Setlist via Panic Stream

Set One: Sharon, Greta > Worry, And It Stoned Me, Send Your Mind, Airplane > Jaded Tourist, Diner > Tail Dragger

Set Two: Henry Parsons Died, Bust It Big, Mercy > Jam > Bowlegged Woman, Blight, Arleen, Come Together*, Chainsaw City**

Encore: Red Hot Mama > Blackout Blues


  • * w/ Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
  • ** w/ Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals; Steve Lopez on percussion
  • – ‘Worry’ LTP 1/25/19 Playa Ocho (45 shows)
  • – ‘Come Together’ LTP 5/06/18 Trondossa (68 shows)
  • – ‘I Trusted You’ tease during ‘Bust It Big’

Source: JamBase.com