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PlayStation 5 and ‘Madden 21’ Reveals Postponed Out of Respect for Protests


A Sony PlayStation 4 with a red wireless controller.

Reveal events for the Sony PlayStation 5 and Electronic Arts’ Madden 21 have been postponed out of respect for the death of George Floyd and the ensuing nationwide protests.

Both the Japanese electronics company and the American video game publisher posted powerful statements on the reasoning behind the decisions to their respective social media channels. 

“We denounce systemic racism and violence against the Black community,” tweeted the official PlayStation account. “We will continue to work towards a future marked by empathy and inclusion and stand with out Black creators, players, employees, families and friends. #BlackLivesMatter.”

EA’s statement indicated a desire to let the current dialogue on police brutality and injustice prevail over news of the football video game franchise’s latest installment. 

“Our immediate attention is on actions we can take to drive change against the unjust treatment and systemic bias that is plaguing the nation and our world,” EA tweeted. “We’ll find another time to talk about football with you. Because this is bigger than a game, bigger than sports, and needs all of us to stand together and commit to change.”

Sony tweeted a three-part thread, asking followers to send any links, resources or information that’s relevant to justice efforts. 

“Being silent about the violence and racism Black people experience is being complicit. We stand in solidarity today and everyday with the Black community. 

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Source: maxim.com