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Tank And The Bangas Share “To Be Real” Ahead Of New EP [Listen]


Tank and The Bangas are back with a new single, “To Be Real”, featuring contributions from Hasizzle, Keedy Black, and Big Choo. The song is the second single from the hip-hop/R&B group’s forthcoming new EP, Friend Goals, out November 20th.

Tank and the Bangas are coming off a breakout year that saw them receive a Grammy nomination for “Best New Artist”. The new EP was largely recorded in the age of quarantine and social distancing, with most of the actual recording taking place at friends’ home studios in Chicago and New Orleans, as well as alto saxophonist/flautist Albert Allenback‘s house.

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The song immediately picks up with a slick beat, just before Tarriona “Tank” Ball comes in to tell her story. The fast-moving lyrics quickly establishes the scene that reinforces the idea of Friend Goals, which is just some friends hanging out and enjoying each other. As the title suggests, the song is as real as it gets as Ball describes an ordinary day—back when things used to be ordinary.

“It feels so good to do a song that influences grew right out of our very own backyard in New Orleans,” Ball said in a press release. “With artists like Hasizzle, Keedy Black, Big Choo and Peter CottonTale, we cultivated a unique piece of work that feels homegrown because of these artists. Bounce music is so special to the people of New Orleans because we grew up with it. We shake a long day away and twerk like our ex is watching (lol), it’s time for us to bring it back and work with some special artists that only New Orleans can provide. This the one y’all.”

Listen to the new single from Tank and The Bangas, “To Be Real”, below. Click here to pre-order Friend Goals.

Tank and The Bangas – “To Be Real”

[Video: TankandtheBangas]

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