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The Disco Biscuits Kick Off Drive-In Tour


The Disco Biscuits got their drive-in tour underway on Friday with the first of four concerts at Yarmouth Drive-In on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The band would deliver two nearly fully segued sets as well as a “Shelby Rose” bust out for the encore.

The band kicked things off with “Spraypaint Victory,” as per tDB Twitter. While the band debuted the song in 2002, it would later appear as just “Spraypaint” on their 2011 album Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens. The Biscuits wasted no time getting into some jamming including a blissed out section before leaving the song unfinished to head into “Voices Insane,” which saw its first outing of 2020. “Voices’ was also left unfinished and gave way to “Rocket Science.” “Confrontation” then headed into an inverted “And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night” before tDB returned to “Confrontation” to close out the first frame.

The classic “Crickets” got the second set going and was left unfinished as the band segued into the relatively new tune, “4th Of July,’ which they debuted last year in Burlington during their fall tour. The band found their way into a groove with some dirty clav work from keyboardist Aron Magner before guitarist Jon Gutwillig steered the band into more vintage Biscuits with “Spacebirdmatingcall” which led into an inverted “Above The Waves” before returning to “Spacebird” to close out the set. The Disco Biscuits kept the classics coming for the encore with a bust out of “Shelby Rose,” which they had not played since early 2019 at The Capitol Theatre, as per Phantatsy Tour.

Check out a clip from the show below via Steve Mink:

The Disco Biscuits at the drive-in

Posted by Steve Mink on Friday, October 16, 2020

Setlist (via tDB Twitter)

Set One: Spraypaint Victory[1] > Voices Insane[1] > Rocket Science > Confrontation > And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night[2] > Confrontation

Set Two: Crickets[1], 4th of July > Spacebirdmatingcall > Above The Waves[2] > Spacebirdmatingcall

Encore: Shelby Rose


[1] Unfinished

[2] Inverted

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