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This Ferrari 308 ‘Brawler’ Concept Is a Brutish Blast From the Past


Like so many Prancing Horses, the Ferrari 308 GTB and its convertible GTS variant were long heralded for beautiful lines and awe-inspiring aesthetics. But for a decidedly aggro new take on the legendary 1970s/1980s supercar, meet “The Brawler.” 

London-based automotive CGI artist Carlos Pecino uploaded the blacked-out Brawler concept to his Behance page, where it’s gotten notable pickup in part because of the incredible detail in which the imaginative restomod is rendered.

According to Carscoops, Pecino describes it as “the perfect balance between beauty and elegance.” While the NASCAR-spec Hoosier racing slicks border on bizarre, the widened stance, murdered-out high-gloss paint coat, slammed suspension and exposed engine add a tasteful edge without ruining the classic ‘Rarri’s shape. 

Speaking of the engine, Pecino transplanted McLaren 720S’s twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 and MonoCage II passenger cell to provide more rigidity at the track. With a modern 710-hp power unit, it’s easy to imagine the Brawler as a sub-three-second car capable of a 200-mph top end. 

“Make an improvement to something which is already perfect it’s an impossible task.” Pecino wrote of the Brawler on Instagram. “I think the important value is what I get from this build and that is something I can’t describe but it worth every single hour I spent on it. Always learning on every single build.”

Even wilder than The Brawler is Pecino’s  Ferrari 512S Berlinetta Speciale-Tesla Model S mashup—see that and more creative builds via his Instagram page below: 

Source: maxim.com