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For Fans Of: The Smashing Pumpkins | Introducing: London’s Puppy


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Check out today’s ‘For Fans Of’ feature artist below.

Feature Artist: Puppy

For Fans Of: The Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr., “Weezer fronted by Papa Emiritus of Ghost”

Hometown: London

Genre: Grunge / Rock

The 411:

Puppy are a UK-based grunge trio who’ve just released their massive new album Pure Evil, via Rude Records (stream below!).

Following on from their debut ‘The Goat’ in 2019, Pure Evil sees the band continue on their path of fusing metal riffs with ethereal melodies but this time taking complete control and self-producing the whole record.

This all however, did not come easy.

“Without wanting to state the obvious, Pure Evil is an album born out of a strange time,” the band explains.

“It felt like everyone’s worlds got a lot smaller, and for us that world had shrunk even more where changes with label and management had left us as a band pretty much on our own. We had no roadmap for what to do next, and no one but each other to help us navigate it as people, let alone a band. It was these twin feelings of isolation and solidarity that led us to the point of deciding we would record this album ourselves in our practice space. A few friends we share the room with piled in and we turned it into a working studio.”

Take Pure Evil for a spin below!


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