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OSEES Set Frenzied Cops Loose On Each Other In “Perm Act” Video [Watch]


For OSEES‘ upcoming album A Foul Form, out August 12th via Castle Face, bandleader Jack Dwyer promised an experiment in lo-fi punk. Well, what he said exactly was “Brain stem cracking scum-punk.” And no foray into underground punk would be complete without a condemnation of the police, and thus OSEES have delivered “Perm Act”.

“Perm Act” arrives in a more digestible form than the lead A Foul Form single “Funeral Solution“, which drowned out any frontal cortex activity with an overdrive-infested total assault. For the new single, the band takes on a dark surf-rock tone as Dwyer delivers a verbal takedown of those who work forces—all of it imbued with a healthy amount of fuzz. The video goes even further as power-hungry local cops go mad and ultimately rip each other apart.

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Dwyer wrote of the single,

Who likes a cop?
Other cops.
After years of having unpleasant to violent encounters with police I had the thought
that wouldn’t it be fun if they loved each other so much they ate each other…a sort of dark comedy contemporary
and executive branch based “a modest proposal”.
Problem solved?
The violence would hit such a high pitch that they just frenzied like sharks with chum.
I saw with my own eyes two of the biggest knuckleheads i grew up with go on to have careers in law enforcement
emulating the beatings they regularly took when they would mouth off to a cop.
These guys were most definitely not fit for gun ownership, let alone policing others.
Good luck out there. 

Watch the new John Harlow-directed music video for the latest OSEES single, “Perm Act”. A Foul Form is available here for pre-order. The group is preparing for a fall tour of North America set to begin on September 5th in San Francisco. For tickets and a full list of dates click here.

OSEES – “Perm Act” (Official Video)

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