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Relix Unveils Poster Commemorating Historic Grateful Dead Show At The Capitol Theatre

2023 thecapgratefuldead baileyrace allposters 1080x
2023 thecapgratefuldead baileyrace allposters 1080x

Relix Marketplace has unveiled the second poster in the Grateful Dead at The Capitol Theatre, 1970-1971 series, an archival collection of 18 prints commemorating the Grateful Dead’s 18 performances at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY in the early ’70s.

The poster features artwork designed by Bailey Race to commemorate February 18th, 1971, a memorable night for several reasons including a bomb threat that resulted in the band’s manager, Sam Cutler, having to help evacuate the theater during New Riders of the Purple Sage‘s opening set. A local newspaper described the chaotic scene, implying that it was indicative of the fraught relationship between promoter Howard Stein and the town of Port Chester:

Howard Stein does his best to lure this Westchester County hamlet’s kids off the streets weekend evenings, and last year he was instrumental in closing down the town’s lone skinflick palace. But Port Chester’s city fathers are not impressed with Stein’s achievements, and the city council has been swapping restraining orders with him for the last six months in attempts to close the Capitol Theater [sic] and put Howard—the town’s lone rock entrepreneur—out of business.

Since he took over operation of the Capitol Theater a little more than a year ago, Stein has booked some of the country’s better bands, built up a steady regular audience, and spent about half his time fighting city hall. And he’s getting paranoid.

During a recent Grateful Dead concert, an anonymous phone caller tipped police that a bomb was planted in the theater. The cops relayed the message to the Capitol right after Stein had stepped out for a few minutes, and the responsibility for clearing the hall fell upon the on-duty fire marshal and Dead manager Sam Cutler.

The New Riders of the Purple Sage were into their fifth number as Cutler and the fire marshal rushed on stage to sound the alarm, But instead of racing for the exits, the audience roared back a fat chorus of “fuuuuuck you!” Ushers and stagehands finally got the place cleared…

The February 18th concert was the first night of a legendary six-night run at The Capitol Theatre, one of the many that contributed to the special connection between the Grateful Dead and the storied venue which continues to this day. It also marked drummer Mickey Hart‘s last performance with the band until his return in 1974 and included the debuts of “Bertha”, “Greatest Story Ever Told”, “Loser”, “Playing In The Band”, and “Wharf Rat”. A recording of the concert was released 50th anniversary edition of American Beauty. For more on the show, click here.

The poster commemorating 2/18/71 is available now for a limited time in three editions—a main edition, available as a timed-edition for purchase until next Tuesday, January 16th at 12:00 p.m. ET (run size dependent on number of orders before the deadline), plus two foil editions of 150 on gold and rainbow foil papers. The artwork is also available on merch items including a hoodie and t-shirt. For more information and to order your poster now, visit Relix Marketplace.

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