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Godsmack in Los Angeles, CA

Godsmack by A Rood Photo 2024 2
Godsmack by A Rood Photo 2024 2

Youtube Theatre April 10 2024 with words by Mike Green and Photos by A Rood Photography

As someone who was a teenager during the heyday of post-grunge/nu metal, the prospect of going to see a Godsmack show as a now-firmly middle aged man gave me pause. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a band that has historically played arenas and amphitheaters with elaborate pyrotechnics, in a venue that seats around 6000.

“An intimate evening of music and untold stories” is exactly what Godsmack delivered at the Youtube Theater on Wednesday night. The performance was certainly a stripped down and much more personal affair, with acoustic-electric versions of their back catalog along with a few notable cover tunes including Pink Floyd’s “Time” and Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter”. Not quite MTV “Unplugged” territory, but definitely wildly different than their usual arena tour.

Lead singer Sully Erna also took several moments throughout the show to candidly discuss things with the audience; their music, the industry as a whole, and the artists who influenced them that are no longer with us (with a few names standing out, such as Chris Cornell).

This is their first tour since 2004 to feature a more intimate setting and musical arrangements, which can be an exciting opportunity for any fans that haven’t seen them in a smaller venue, especially since 2023’s “Lighting Up the Sky” is still rumored to be their last studio record.

Godsmack is currently on their Vibez Tour, which started in mid-February and runs until May 5th.

Check out the full gallery of photos of this night by A Rood Photography here.


(Pink Floyd cover)



Turning to Stone


One Rainy Day

No Quarter
(Led Zeppelin cover)

Nothing Else Matters
(Metallica cover)




Growing Old

Lighting Up the Sky

Under Your Scars


Long Train Runnin’
(The Doobie Brothers cover)

Check out the full gallery of photos of this night by A Rood Photography here.

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