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Infinity Song Gets Blue Note Jazz Club Out of Their Seats on First Night of Four-Day Residency

InfinitySong ZackGiller 04152024 14 1
InfinitySong ZackGiller 04152024 14 1
Infinity Song dances on stage at the Blue Note Jazz Club

Infinity Song filled the Blue Note Jazz Club with joyous soft rock on Monday, April 15, to open their four-day residency. John Boyd, the father of Abraham, Angel, Momo, and Israel Boyd, the four siblings who make up Infinity Song, gave a speech to commemorate the occasion.

The show was the culmination of 27 years of raising children for the Boyd parents, who are both lifelong musicians themselves, going from busking in Central Park to making music under the Roc Nation banner and seeing mainstream success in the city where they grew up. He ended the speech playing on a classic proverb, saying, “It takes ten villages to raise an artist.”

The night was a joyous celebration of music, of family, of history. The band immediately set a mood and established their distinct personalities onstage. The eldest brother, Abraham, spent the first three songs belting while striking poses and running in place on the stage, pumping his arms like he was competing in a marathon to cheers from the audience.

His younger brother and the band’s electric guitarist, Israel, reacted to the cheers by jokingly scolding Abraham for misleading the audience into thinking he was the dancer of the family. This banter culminated in the only way a sibling rivalry can, a dance-off. Each of the four siblings took turns improvising their own dance to on-the-fly beats from the supporting band. For those with siblings, it’s not hard to imagine some similar antics arising if given a stage together.

Coming out of the dance battle, they went into a revolutionary cover of Stevie Nicks’ “Dreams,” which can be found on their newest album, Metamorphosis. No other artist has done the song so much justice. Being raised by musicians and being interdisciplinary themselves, you would be hard-pressed to find four people with that much raw talent on any stage besides the Blue Note last night.

“Slow Burn” and “Hater’s Anthem” were their two most popular songs of the night. “Slow Burn” is a personal favorite that makes use of the sisters’ differing vocal textures to great effect. “Hater’s Anthem” harkens back to the 90s with upbeat choral vocals from the whole group and an underlying message about the pitfalls of being a hater while convincing yourself that you are inherently better than others who are putting in the work towards their goals.

Not only did Infinity Song pack Blue Note on a Monday, but they got the audience dancing, too, as the small club rose from their dinner tables to dance out the end of the show with the band. You can experience Infinity Song in residency at the Blue Note through Thursday, April 18, with shows at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. This was an otherworldly experience: bring your friends, bring your family, because Infinity Song is up next.

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