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Newcastle Metal Stars Vilify Go Track-By-Track On Their New EP, Dish First Listen Of New Song ‘Save Me’

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Untitled design 2024 04 18T144644.802
Vilify | Credit: Andrew Bromle / Supplied

Newcastle heavy outfit Vilify are just hours away from unleashing their mammoth new five-track EP Fever Dream upon the world. The rising metalcore stars are fast becoming leaders in the Australian alternative music community, championing women and vying for equality in the historically male-dominated space, while connecting with their listeners on a deep, honest and vulnerable level.

Vilify tackle topics close to their hearts on Fever Dream, expressing frustrations with expectation, calling out abuse of power, delving into the chaos of depression, anxiety, burnout and more. And before the quartet’s latest creation drops everywhere at midnight tonight, band leader and career baddie Amy McIntosh has blessed us with a track-by-track rundown of Fever Dream, along with a Music Feeds-exclusive first stream of their forthcoming release day belter ‘Save Me’ – suss all the goods down below! 

Exclusive First Play: Vilify – ‘Save Me’

1. Rot By Design

Amy McIntosh: Social media is such a powerful and useful tool. But as a creative, it has become a necessity that I just don’t love. I love being able to express and share across a larger audience than I ever thought possible just years ago. But the expectations and requirements of a successful social media presence is taking away from the ability to create well. The best artists are being left behind as they focus on their craft, while the artists with big PR and ad spends are skyrocketing into notoriety, one reel at a time. I feel this pressure to share my life, but not too much to make people uncomfortable. I feel a pressure to always be accessible.. but not too much for fear of losing myself.

2. Light Bringer

Amy: ‘Light Bringer’ is a bit of a metaphorical deep dive into my love for sleep and the serenity it brings. When my waking life becomes overwhelming I find myself searching for “better” or “happier” in the clutches of slumber. The track finds me trying to summon or beacon this personification of bliss. Sleep is my saviour and she saves me from the pain of existence.

3. Split Tongue

Amy: ‘Split Tongue’ is about those slithery, slippery little snakes that are only out for themselves. The track’s intention is to draw from the disdain we have all felt from believing in and taking chances on people in the industry, only to have it returned to us like a kick in the teeth. The music industry is already hard enough, and once you sprinkle in some rats it becomes a full-blown bloodbath.

4. Save Me

Amy: ‘Save Me’ is a song about burnout. Stretching yourself beyond what is possible to try and appease not only the people in your life, but yourself. Juggling the workloads and struggles associated with music, day jobs, family, friends and health is one hell of an act and I personally have never been able to nail it. Not even close. ‘Save Me’ is about that – not wanting to let everyone down but also struggling to make all the pieces fit.

5. Hang.Draw.Quarter 

Amy: This one is about the lies and misinformation surrounding the meat industry. The picture-perfect pastures, the happy little cows and chickens that don’t exist. Health professionals with biased agendas spitting half-truths about dietary requirements. It’s about my rage for ignorance from the everyday consumer.

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