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ALO Revives Oldies At Tour d’Amour 2019 Opener: Full Show Audio


The 13th annual installment of ALO‘s Tour d’Amour began on Thursday night at Humbrews in Arcata, California. ALO dug deep into their repertoire to unearth a few originals that had gone missing as of late. Fans in the ALO Shapeshifters Facebook group asked the band to bust out long lost classics and ALO compiled.

Guitarist Lebo (Dan Lebowitz), bassist Steve Adams, multi-instrumentalist Zach Gill and drummer Ezra Lipp focused on staples for the first set. A typically extended “Cowboys & Chorus Girls” led into the beloved “Falling Dominoes.” Next up was an “All Alone” complete with a tease of Bob Marley’s “Sun Is Shining.” Then, “Undertow” was followed by “IV 1 & 2” and “Lady Loop.” ALO closed out the frame with an adventurous “Room For Bloomin’” that featured a cover of Bob Marley’s “Coming In From The Cold” within.

Thursday’s second set started innocently enough with “The Ticket,” “Blew Out The Walls” and “Try.” Next up was “Chilly Chile,” a song that hadn’t be played in quite some time, which was the same situation as the “Nacho Monkey” that followed. ALO continued on with “Storms & Hurricanes” and a jam-filled “Maria.” For the encore, the quartet said farewell with “Walls Of Jericho.” Listen to a soundboard matrix recording thanks to John Chapman and Charlie Soto:


Set One: Cowboys and Chorus Girls, Falling Dominoes, Alone, Undertow, IV 1 & 2 > Lady Loop, Room for Bloomin’> Coming In From The Cold

Set Two: The Ticket, Blew Out The Walls, Try, Chilly Chile, Nacho Monkey, Storms & Hurricanes, Maria

Encore: Walls Of Jericho